Help, give a child a descent place to call home!  


The organization has registered over hundred orphans and the needy. It’s committed to provide meals, school fees, uniforms, scholastic materials, medical care, basic needs, counseling for both none and school going children

MOHM is providing youth with plans for income generating activities.  The most developed vocational training option is tailoring.  

HIV/AIDS Program

MOHM is liaising with local leaders, district and government authorities and medical personnel to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS and related diseases.MOHM is counseling and sensitizing people living with HIV/AIDS and broken families that are dealing with such tragedies. 

Evangelism and Descipleship

Conference at Mafubira about leadership

Sharing the gospel of Christ and offering a discipleship program to children, youth and their parents.  MOHM is also committed to planting churches where there is a need, organizing crusades, seminars and conferences. We also empower indinenious ministries/churches.


Hope Home  Bulubandi Iganga


MOHM’s Newest Project – MOHM has expanded into a village about 25 km from Jinja, the current location where is located to a new site, called Hope Home in Bulubandi Iganga, is a residential orphanage and A School for the truly desperate in the community.  A nursery and primary school has commenced with 125 orphans, both boys and girls.  Bulubandi Hope Academy Nursery and Primary School are the names of these two schools.  The nursery currently has 40 children in attendance and the primary school – level one has 85 children.    Four teachers are working with these schools and the board members provide them with some compensation.  Orphans are provided with daily meals,Free Education,Scholastic Materials and Medical Care the children.  There Also A Vocational Programs currently offering Tailoring for Widows,School Dropouts and Needy people within Bulubandi Community in Iganga District.

Radio Project- Almost all Ugandans have radios. MOHM plans to build an FM radio station in Jinja to reach the major population areas of the country. This radio station could reach as many as 10 million people.