Help, give a child a descent place to call home!  


This is a brief description of the service...

Hope Academy Nursery and Primary School is a church project . The school is having 125 pupils. The school has very encouraging prospects given the support of the people in Iganga and the neighboring communities.


It is located in Iganga district Bulubandi village Nakigo Sub-county. It is about 6 Km away from town council to the site

The school has a mission to help pupils to build a reasonable foundation of their future and to show their parents the need for education and to assist them in the upbringing of better children.

  • To provide quality education
  • To make contribution to the government effort to fight against ignorance which has hindered development in our country
  • To help pupils discover their talents which will be of too much help in their future
  • To contribute towards the development of Iganga, Nakigo sub county and Uganda as a whole
  • To create friendship of our children among others and to show them the world through education life skills.

The school is a nursery and primary school but due to the effort and the head teacher

It consists of eight teachers with seven classes (P.1 - P.5). The school is managed by the director under Message of Hope Ministries

Of recent we acquired 10 acres of land which we propose to construct permanent structure for both primary, secondary school and an orphanage. If you wish to contribute in one way or the other we are looking people who can help us Built a school Class room  because kids study under trees and the old building is worn out  any donation ,support is appreciated please

contact us.

The school offers the following subjects:-

  1. Mathematics
  2. Number
  3. English
  4. Science
  5. Social Studies
  6. Reading, Luganda
  7. Bible (Religious Education)

We teach pupils at each level the following: Sport and games that is to say Foot balls, Net ball and gardening.ection

The school is located in an area which has best activities in the future. The area is expected to bring up one of the best students in the district of Uganda at large. The area has favorable population for growth and development.

  • Permanent structure of about seven classes
  • More man power/Volunteers
  • Student sponsorship