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CHURCH INFORMATION                 Aug 22, '09 14:47 PM
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Message of Hope Centres

Regarding Partnership:

Dear brethren, we do wish to have you as partners, so that the gospel can infiltrate all corners of the earth. Undoubtedly, this is sure sign of your approval, that the gospel of Jesus Christ to which we are ambassadors, has been of relevance to us all and much more a blessing.

Reverend Tim from Colonial Baptist church in Texas, preaching in some of our local Church

Message of Hope Ministries only desires that God’s created image (humanity) shall at all costs be in the Savior’s loving arms. That, to those who do not know him yet, the lost and fallen, may all be brought back to Him just as He commissioned  into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15.

We feel seasons everywhere with blessings in the air. There cannot be any right time of an overflowing harvest than this. 
 For our Lord beckons, “who shall I send?”. Both you and us can be sent. And by teaming up, pooling our resources together, so much will be realised in so very many ways. Moreover, because of your seeds sown, scores more are being ministered to with the love of Jesus in this hurting world. For He shed His blood, a perfectly paid price and unequaled so that we might have life and life more abundantly.

If there be anything else of which to let the world know, it can only be the nature of our God-El Shaddai. The one who heals and raises the dead, saves and forgives all who have done wrong, the only one who opens blind eyes and deaf ears, the one God with whom nothing is impossible, Mark 10:27. This is the passion on our hearts, to proclaim upon rooftops and everywhere that there is power in the blood and name of Jesus Christ. That in Him all questions can be answered.

Team from Colonial baptist Church, Texas, USA in our church

More and more testimonies continue to pour in because the message of the cross is being preached and heard. Restoration, healing and deliverance is taking place, but more importantly, souls are being saved. So being a partner with Message of Hope Ministries guarantees your being a partaker of the rewards together with all the other “laborers in the Lord’s vineyard”. No doubt, He’ll take care of each one's business ,if only we are willing and obedient to His voice, " if you be willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land" Isaiah1:19.

Remember, the seeds that you sow will surely come into your own season. So I dare you, just walk into your season.

Incase you feel you have such a desire or vision in bettering lives of so many as is this Ministry, do not be held back. Remember, while you partner with us, your financial contribution helps go round the community through crusades, conference meetings and seminars, as well as broadcasts, in bid to better the lives of many. So as the Lord leads you let us stretch our arms far and wide in order to reach those billions of hungry and thirsty souls.

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