Help, give a child a descent place to call home!  

Background of founder and vision bearer of Message of Hope Ministries and Hope Home
Ugandan Isaac Innocent Ouma was deeply concerned with the drastic situation of the orphans in his country. He had had  seminary training and believed strongly in a life of service. Adopting several orphans himself, he set out in 2006 to do more. MOHM (Message of Hope Ministries) is dedicated to doing service in the various communities in Uganda. Isaac Ouma travels to different communities, doing AIDS and HIV education, women's training in trades such as tailoring,Necklaces and locating families in dire need. In the last several years, he has brought 35 orphans to Hope Home and  Hope Academy, lifting these children from a life of despair, hunger and no future to one of hope, loving friendships and education. Hope Home and Academy is located in a small village near Iganga. It is situated on a beautiful site of 10 acres, which was donated some years ago by a concerned woman from Scotland. Hope Home and school is non-denominational and is open to all, as space becomes available. As a government registered NGO and CBO. MOHM has a record of accurate bookkeeping and excellent accountability.